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Wrap Up

We started out by thinking about all the things we can and cannot do all the time.  We talked about how life seems busy at times, so we looked at what we can do to Reset and Renew.

Sometimes we need a reset.  We reset when we learn to be still, like Peter in the boat listening to Jesus.  Without stopping, we can’t hear God, can we?

We must be open to what God tells us.  Remember that Peter had fished all night and Jesus told him try one more time.  Peter did it and caught a lot of fish.  But that started with him being open to a word from Jesus.

Once you learn to be still and be open, you will be free.  Peter had learned to be free to be who God created him to be.  He was called by Jesus to follow Him, which gave Peter a new identity too.

When you have reset, you can then be renewed.  

This renewing comes with a new heart.  It will be a heart that wants to follow Jesus.  When you have a new heart, you want to live for God and not yourself.

That new heart comes with a new purpose.  When Jesus forgave Peter on the seashore that morning, Jesus gave him a new purpose.  That purpose was to spread the message of Jesus everywhere.

But to go after the new purpose, we need a new power.  When we give ourselves to Jesus to forgive our sins, He puts the Holy Spirit in us which gives us power for our purpose. 


Before you can reset or renew, you must answer the big question we had last week.  

Remember that God created us and He loves us.  But we have sin, and that sin keeps us from God.  So He provided a way to save us from our sin by having Jesus rescue us.  So the question is: Will you trust Jesus?

If you have not answered that question, that’s okay, but answer it soon.

Q: What was your favorite part about Team Huddle times? (wait for some answers)

Q: What will you do differently? What is God asking you to do? (wait for some answers)

I have enjoyed getting to know all of you through this season and through this huddle.  As we close our time in prayer, how about someone open us in prayer, and I will close it?

(pray and break the huddle)