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Week 5: God Is The Way

Coach's Corner


“Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

We are going to start by playing a game of “Coach Says.” Just like in Simon Says, you must listen and do what I say. (Play the game. Do 1-2 rounds.)

How did (insert kid’s name who won) win the game? That’s right; they listened to exactly what I said and did it. There wasn’t any other way to win the game other than doing exactly what I said.

Today we will talk about the only way to be with God. It’s through Jesus. Jesus is the only way!


As your coach, my job is to show you the best way to play our sport. There is only one way to play (insert your sport). For example, I can’t take the (football) and hit it with a bat like I was playing baseball. There is one way to play (football) and a certain set of instructions on how to play it well. That’s why I’m here – to show you how to perform well at your sport.

One of Jesus’s jobs on earth was to show us the path to be with God. If you remember, way back to the beginning of the Bible in Genesis, humans were separated from God because of sin. Since then, we have tried all kinds of things to be reunited with Him, but many of them were silly and didn’t work. People tried praying to other gods, sacrificing animals and other things to please God, and even thinking that if they acted perfectly, they would earn His love.

God sent Jesus to share the Good News that there is a solution to our sin problem and our distance from God. In John 14, Jesus is very clear that He is the solution. He is our way, our truth, and our whole life. The only way to God is through Him. Nothing has to be added.

There are a lot of people out there with ideas of what will make you happy. Just remember that Jesus makes it very clear – He is everything. He is the only way to be with our Father in Heaven one day.


Is there anything more important than Jesus? What about candy? Toys?

“Lord, You are our God. You created us, love us, and want to one day be reunited with us in Heaven. Help us to know that there is nothing more important than Jesus. If any of us don’t know You, I pray You will move in their hearts. Thank You for all You do for us. Amen.”