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Week 4: I Can Trust God

Coach's Corner


“Trust in the LORD with all your heart.” – Proverbs 3:5a

To help us remember today’s key verse, let’s split the group in two and do the following a few times:

Every time I point to the first group, you shout, “TRUST IN THE LORD!”

Every time I point to the second group, you shout, “WITH ALL YOUR HEART!”

Now, let’s all shout it together: “TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART!”


Have you ever played the trust fall game? It’s where a person deliberately falls backwards, trusting the members of a team or his or her partner to catch them. Let’s try this as a group.

Find a partner and take turns trust falling (take a few minutes to have everyone practice trust falling with their partner).

Undeniably, you must have a lot of trust in the person catching you. Otherwise, the fall can really hurt. The same feeling occurs when we play our sport. When the game is on the line, and we’re seconds from the buzzer going off, do we pass or throw the ball to our teammate? Do we trust he or she will make it?

On the other side of our sport, as your coach, one of my jobs is to keep you safe and always do what’s best for you and the team. Because of that, I want you to trust me and the decisions I make, the calls I create, and the plays I instruct you to carry out.

Now, I’m not perfect and sometimes I can make mistakes. The same is true for anyone in authority over you, but it’s still wise to trust your coaches, your parents, your teachers, and your spiritual leaders.

Here’s some even better news: even when people make mistakes or let you down, you can always trust God! God is the only one Who never makes any mistakes. He is perfect. He is good. And the best part about God is that He is always here for us. He covers us with His protection and guides us in His wisdom every day.

Let’s dive into why you can trust God.

First of all, God is your protector! Let’s read a verse about this.

“But when I am afraid,
I will put my trust in you.’”
– Psalm 56:3

Now, we’ve all been scared. Whether it’s an opponent, how we perform in school, or at our game. Turn to the person next to you and say one thing you’re afraid of.

What is something you fear?

Do you take your fears to God and talk to Him about them?

The hard part about our lives is that there will always be something to scare us. But when we trust in God, and trust that His plan is the best, we can face our toughest falls knowing that God is there to catch us at the end. Think back to the trust fall activity. What did you feel when you were falling before you felt your partners arms around you? Was it scary?

What about when you felt your partners arms around you? The next time your afraid of something, remember, you can trust that God is there to catch you!

Secondly, God always wants what is best for you! Psalm 119:114 says,

“You are my refuge and my shield;
your word is my source of hope

There’s nothing better than knowing that the all-powerful Creator of the universe cares about you. He wants to protect you and wants what it best for you! You can trust Him because God carefully crafted a plan to protect you and to give you a bright future.

That’s why you can trust God with everything in your life!

How can you trust God when you are afraid?

Remember, the fall can be scary and it’s okay to be afraid at times, but if we remember that God is our consistent protector who will never leave us, we can feel safe knowing that God is with us.


Let’s listen as we close in prayer today:

“Dear God, thank You for protecting me and giving me what is best for my life. Help me trust You more and more every day. Amen.”