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Week 4: God Gives Everyone Salvation

Coach's Corner


“[God] gave us life when he raised Christ from the dead.” — Ephesians 2:5b

I’m going to pass out bracelets that will help you remember the Bible’s truths found in something we call “The FOUR.”

There are four icons that surround the bracelet:

  • The heart will help you remember that, “God Loves You.”
  • The division sign will help you remember that, “Sin Separates You.”
  • The cross will help you remember that, “Jesus Rescues You.”
  • The question mark is there to ask, “Will You Trust Him?”

When I point to each icon, say the words that go with each picture. Each time, say it louder!


When you’re playing sports, you can make plenty of mistakes even during one play. Sometimes, those mistakes might cost you the game or the feeling you let your team down. But it’s never the end of the world. Have you ever felt like it was?

But in your life, when you make mistakes and disobey what God wants you to do, that’s called sin. When you have sin in your hearts, you are at risk of being eternally separated from Him.

But because of His great love, God sent His Son Jesus to give His life for you. Jesus died on the cross and paid the price for your sins.

When you believe in Him, you are saved! How cool is that?

We learn that, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” — Romans 6:23

God raised Jesus back to life and you can have a personal relationship with Him. You can discover your true purpose and have eternal life in Heaven one day.


“Dear God, I believe that You sent Jesus to die for my sins and that You raised Him back to life again. I want You to be Lord of my life. Help me to surrender to You. Amen.”