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Week 4: Confidence

Coach’s Corner

Warm Up

Read Jeremiah 17:7

Hello everyone! Do you guys remember at the very beginning, we said we would uncover a few truths as we talked about God’s game plan? Can anyone tell me how many truths there are? We are trying to learn three primary truths over the next ten weeks! In the past two weeks, we have talked about truth one, which is that you were created on purpose for a purpose. This week, we move on to truth number two: You can trust God and His Word.

(Call on an athlete to stand up and then jump in the air. Now ask this…)

When I told you to stand up, did you trust your legs to hold you up? What about when you jumped? 

That’s right, you did what I asked without questioning if you could trust your body to help you. Why is that? Because you have built up confidence in your ability to stand and jump. You trust that what you have done for years won’t fail you.

God desires us to have confidence in Him as we read His Word, the Bible. 


When a team selects a captain, it’s safe to say that most people have confidence in this person to lead their team. They have seen time and time again how this teammate has sacrificed, loved, and given so their team can succeed. From the example of leadership they provided, you have confidence that they have your best interest at heart. The more they prove they are on your side, the more confidence you have in trusting them.

In this same way, we should have confidence in God because of the many ways He has shown us that He is on our side. 

Can anyone give me an example of God doing something extraordinary for you or a friend? (Take a few answers.)

Wow, those are great stories! From the beginning, God has been on our side, and that is always where He will be. 

“The person who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is the Lord, is blessed.”  17:

Our verse today tells us that those who trust and have confidence in God will be blessed. 

So, how do we develop confidence in God and His Word?

How you build trust with your teammates is the same as we do with God. At any moment, we can go to God with our joys, fears, frustrations, and questions and watch as He shows up for us each time. Will He show up in the exact way we want or expect? Maybe not, but He will show up.

As we start to trust God, we can trust His Word. Often, when God shows up for us, it is through the Bible! We can trust that the Bible is 100% God’s Word, and when He guides us to scripture, it is God sharing His love and guidance with us. 

It takes time to develop confidence and trust, but we must do so to keep moving forward with the Game Plan that God has set for us.


  1. Do you trust God with everyday things? What is something you are struggling to let God handle?
  2. What are you confident about regarding your relationship with God?

“Lord God, we desire to have full confidence in You. Frequently, we try to do everything ourselves and struggle to let go. Remind us that You are always on our side. Amen.”