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Week 10: Wrap Up

Coach's Corner


Congrats everyone! We made it through all 10 weeks. Let’s reflect together as a team.
1. What was your favorite part about our Huddle times?
2. What is God asking you to do?


There are three very important truths that I want you to remember:

Truth #1: You were made on purpose for a purpose. Everything He has done from the beginning of time is for reason, and you are a part of His master plan.

Truth #2: You can trust God and His Word. Everything He says is true and intended to help you.

Truth #3: God loves you and has sent His son, Jesus. Everything He has done is because you mean the world to Him—so much that He gave up His Son to have a relationship with you.

Once you understand those three truths, you are going to be equipped to love God and love others! That’s God’s Game Plan for your life!

Are you ready?


Let’s put our hands in the middle as we close in prayer today:

“Dear God, thank You for giving me a Game Plan for my life. Help me learn to love You and learn more about You every day so I can help others love You and know about You too. Amen.”