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Week 10: Wrap-Up

Coach's Corner


Okay, everyone, this is our last devotional time together. How sad! I want you to turn to a partner and tell them one thing you have learned in our time together.

Throughout these ten weeks, we have been learning about three truths and one action we can all do.


We have been discussing these truths:

  • He made you on purpose and for a purpose.
  • You can ALWAYS trust God and His Word.
  • God loves you and sent Jesus to save you.

All these truths have been preparing us to Love God and Love Others.

Throughout these past few weeks, we have learned about God’s Game Plan for each of us. We have seen that God cares about each little thing in our lives and about helping us become better.

We started by learning that God is the light that guides us through the darkness of this world. We know that we can trust Christ because He is a promise keeper and has promised to love us no matter what we do. We also learned that the only way to be on God’s team is through loving and trusting Jesus.

All of these lessons led us to discuss The FOUR. Can anyone tell me again what the four symbols are? (heart, division sign, cross, and question mark) These symbols are an easy way to learn how to share the Gospel with others. Last, we said that people will know you believe in Christ by the fruit you produce – or the way you act. One way we can show this fruit is by fulfilling our purpose here on earth: to glorify God and tell others about Him.

We have learned a lot over the past few weeks! I hope you understand how much God and I care about you and how God is moving and working in your life every day.


“Dear God, thank You for giving us this time together. Show us and lead us through Your perfect game plan. Thank You for writing it for us. Amen.”