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Week 10: Wrap Up

Coach's Corner


Congrats everyone! We made it through all 10 weeks. Before we jump in today, let’s take a few minutes and reflect together as a team. In groups of 2-3, let’s answer and discuss the questions below. After you discuss with your teammates, let’s come back together and share some of our answers. Be ready to present an answer or two to the rest of our team.

1. What was your favorite part about our Huddle times?
2. Share one thing you are learning during our Huddle times this season.
3. What’s one thing you want to know more about after our Huddle times?


As your coach, my hope is that you’ve learned valuable things during our time together. While I want you to remember my instruction and plays for this sport as you continue to grow, I also want you to remember the truths we’ve learned about God and His love for us.

God has a game plan for your lives, and it’s way better than any game plan than I can give you or any coach after me. Let’s recap the three important truths of this plan:

Truth #1: You were made on purpose for a purpose. Repeat it after me (pause for response).

Now, let’s say it louder (pause for response).

Let’s share what we remember about purpose. Raise your hand if you think your purpose only lies in how you perform in school or in this sport. Raise your hand if you think your purpose lies in what God says.

If you raised your hand second, you remembered this first truth on purpose. Remember, everything He has done from the beginning of time is for a reason, and you are a part of His master plan.

Truth #2: You can trust God and His Word. Repeat it after me (pause for response).

Again, let’s say it louder (pause for response).

We know we can trust God and His Word because God is our creator and will always want what’s best for us. And He outlines His plan for our lives in the Bible.

Turn to your teammate and say, “I trust God.”

Find a different teammate and say, “I trust His Word.”

Here’s the bottom line: everything, and I mean everything, God says is true and is intended to help you.

Truth #3: God loves you and has sent His son, Jesus. Repeat it after me (pause for response).

Again, let’s say it louder (pause for response).

Everything God has done for you is because you mean the world to Him—so much so that He gave up His only Son to have a relationship with you.

Raise your hand if you feel loved by God’s actions.

Once you understand these three truths, you are going to be equipped to carry out God’s plan—you are ready to love God and love others!

Let me ask you, are you ready to take action? Now, go out and love others just like God loves you: your family, your teammates, your friends, and neighbors. Let’s get going!


Let’s Huddle up and put our hands in the middle as we close in prayer today. At the end of our prayer, let’s break by shouting “God’s Game Plan!”

“Dear God, thank You for giving me a Game Plan for my life. Help me learn to love You and learn more about You every day so I can help others love You and know about You too. Amen.”