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Week 10: Wrap-Up

Coach’s Corner

Warm Up

Hey Team! Can you believe we are in our last week discussing God’s game plan? I want to hear your favorite parts of our Team Huddle time. (Take a few answers from the athletes.)

Those are all great. I have enjoyed them as well. My favorite part about these past ten weeks has been… (Share your favorite part.)

Now, turn to the person next to you and share one thing that you learned from our time together. (Ask a few pairs to share what they learned.)

Each of us learned something different because God’s game plan for each one of our lives is specific to us. God has a unique plan for us, and it’s up to us to listen and learn how He wants us to live it out. 

Take what you have learned and apply it to your life, then watch how God shows up in mighty ways!

Before we end our time together, we need to review everything we have learned. 


Truth 1: You Were Made on Purpose for A Purpose

We started our time together by learning that each one of us was made by God on purpose for a purpose. This means that God had a plan for our lives from the beginning. He made nothing about us by mistake. We discussed how our identity needs to be rooted in who God is and not in things of this world. It’s easy to make our identity about what we are good at, like our sport. But when we have our identity in who Christ says we are, that can never be taken away from us. We must remember that God has a purpose for us here on earth. Some days, you might feel lost, but don’t worry; God has you in His plan.

Truth 2: You Can Trust God and His Word

Next, we discovered how we can grow to learn more about God. His Word, the Bible, is how we come to know more about who God is. Before we can fully jump into the game plan God has for us, we must learn how to let go of what we think we want in this world and trust that what God has in store for us is way better than anything this world can give us. We must trust that what the Bible says is truth and learn that trusting God with our lives gives over all our desires and wants in favor of what God wants for us. That can be a daily struggle, but we must remember that God’s plan is much better than ours.

Truth 3: God Loves You and Sent Jesus

Our last truth leaves us with a decision that needs to be made. We learned what the Gospel truly means and that God’s love is so strong that even after sin ruined our relationship with Him, God still wanted us back. He sent His Son Jesus to earth to be a sacrifice so that we can be reunited with God in Heaven. We must choose whether we believe that Jesus came to save us and whether we will give our lives to God and trust Him. Only you can make that decision.

Action: Love God and Love Others

Lastly, all this knowledge is excellent, but if we don’t add action to what we know, it isn’t helping anyone. Now that we have seen how much God loves us, we are called to show God’s love back. We offer God’s love with our hearts, hands, and heads. Then, we are called to show the same love that God leads us to the people around us. Sometimes, it’s hard to love others, but as we discovered, we don’t deserve God’s love, but He gives it anyway. We, too, are called to love without limits.


  1. What do you think God calls you to do differently after all ten weeks together?

“Lord, thank You so much for our past ten weeks together. You have spoken a special message in the hearts of each person here. As we progress and go about our lives, I pray that You continue to show us Your love and how we can love other people. Help us not to shy away from what You have called us to, but to be brave. Amen.”