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Week 10: Wrap-Up

Coach's Corner


These past 10 weeks have been a journey! We have played together, prayed together and learned about God together. Let’s look at our Once Upon a Time story:  

Once Upon a Time… I found my identity in sports and how I performed.  

And Every Day…I felt the pressure to win was greater than what I could handle.  

And Until One Day… I realized my purpose is found in Christ.   

And Now… I play and compete for someone greater.  

Let’s break into four groups.     

Group 1: Once a Upon a Time  

Group 2: And Every Day  

Group 3: And Until One Day  

Group 4: And Now  

Each group takes a line and shouts it out together, starting with group one.  Then I will finish the line and shout it back to you!  

 Example: Kids shout “Once Upon a Time.” Huddle Leader then replys “I found my identity in sports and how I performed.”  

Now, in your groups, take a few minutes to answers these questions: 

  1. Is winning the most important thing?  
  2. How does God feel about you?  
  3. How can you play for Jesus?  


God’s Word tells us that winning is not the important thing. Living for Jesus is the most important thing!  He should become greater and greater in our lives.  Let’s shout it out together, “Jesus is Greater!” Let’s do it two more times, as loud as we can!  

Our purpose is to not play for ourselves but to play for  Someone greater! Our theme verse reminds us of this!   

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30  

When I say increase, put your hands high in the air. When I say decrease, put your hands down low.   

We have learned a lot over the past few weeks! I hope you understand how much God and I care about you and how God is moving and working in your life every day.   


  1. What was your favorite part about Team Huddle times?  
  2. What is one thing God may be asking you to do?  

Let’s pray together.  

“God, thank You for each of these athletes. Thank you for bringing them to this team so they can know You as Lord and Savior. Help each of us to decrease our plans and desires so You can increase in our lives. Thank you that you are Greater! Amen.