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Week 10: Closing

Coach's Corner


One at a time, tell one thing that you have learned during our Huddle time over the last few weeks! Which section was your favorite? Which one stuck out to you?

What is one truth you remember from our time together?  How has this truth changed you?


Today is our last meeting! Let’s go back and review the truths of God’s Game Plan. Remember, this is the game plan that God wrote specifically for us to help us win the game!

Truth One: You were made on purpose for a purpose.  

Truth Two: You can trust God and His Word. 

Truth Three: God loves you and sent Jesus. 

Action: Love God and love others. 

Just because our time is over, does not mean this game plan is! This game plan is written down for you in God’s Word, the Bible! And want to know a secret? There are way more X’s and O’s found in there to help you get through the game of life! All we have to do is open it and start reading.

Take this game plan and put it into play! We have talked about and read through the truths and actions that God has written for us, so now let’s go do and tell others.

Do not keep this game plan to yourself! Let’s help each and every person know the X’s and O’s of God’s game plan so we all can win with Jesus in this game of life together.

Let’s shout out the three truths that we have learned! 

1: “I was made on purpose for a purpose!” 

2: “I can trust God and His Word!” 

3: “God loves me and sent Jesus!” 

4: “I need to love God and love others!” 


What would life look like if we took this game plan, these X’s and O’s, and memorized them? How much more beautiful would our life look like? Our team? Our family? Our friendships? Let’s challenge each other to memorize these truths and actions so we can win the game of life!

As we close in prayer together, remember God’s Game Plan and try to implement the principles as you compete today! Let’s bow our head and close our eyes:

“Dear God, thank You for this time we have had together learning about Your great plan for us. Help us go from here and remember these truths and actions. We pray You help us love You and our neighbors more. Amen.”