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Week 1: Introduction

Coach's Corner


Hey friends! I am so excited to start this new study with you, where we talk all about God’s Game Plan! But first, let’s start by praying.

“Father God, thank You for this time to talk with You and to learn more about who You are. Help us to listen and hear what You tell us today.”

Okay! Since this is our first week together, I want us all to get to know each other better! First, you are going to find a partner and each answer the first question. Then you are going to find a new partner for the second question. Ready, set, find a partner!

  • What is your favorite part of playing (add whatever sport this is)?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?


What was your favorite thing about playing today? (Let the kids answer.) All those are such good answers. I enjoyed them too! You know, we had fun today because, as your coach, I came up with a game plan to make sure we had a great time. I sat and thought about each one of you and how I could make this day extra fun, and how we could learn something new.

Do you know who else thinks about You and has a plan for you? (Take answers.) It’s God! He created each one of you and has a great plan for your life! Why does God have a plan for you? Because He loves you so much and wants to see you grow and learn all about why He created you!

For the next few weeks, we will learn more about God’s great Game Plan for your life and His love for YOU and you and you! (Point to the children.)

(Whisper) Okay, guys. Do you want to know something cool?

Do you want to know what’s inside God’s Game Plan? Here is a sneak peek:

  • He made you on purpose and for a purpose.
  • You can ALWAYS trust God and His Word.
  • God loves you and sent Jesus to save you.
  • We are called to love God and love others.

I’m excited to learn more about all four of these. Are you? Repeat them after me!


“God, as we learn more about Your Game Plan, I pray that we will understand how much You love us and Your plan for us. Help us to know how special we are to You and that You are with us every day. Amen.”