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“So God created man in his own image; he created him in the image of God; he created them male and female.” – Genesis 1:27

Did you know that God created you, and He created you in His image?  But, did you know that we, as humans, have a huge problem?  We’ll talk about that in a few minutes.

Here is a simple question for our warm-up today.  Who is the person that you would say loves you more than any other, and how do they show it? (try to get answers from everyone, leaders too)


Genesis 1 tells the story of how God created everything.  In the beginning, there was nothing.  So, God created everything, from the light and sky to the bugs and birds and mammals.  

But He wasn’t done yet.  As Genesis 1:27 says, He created us too.  Genesis 2 says He formed us with His hands from the dust of the ground and breathed life into us.  He even called His creation ‘very good’.  He really liked His creation.  Think about this: He loves you because you were created by Him.  


But we have that problem.  It is called sin.  After God made Adam and Eve, He gave them instructions.  One was to not eat the fruit of one specific tree.  Then Satan came along, dressed as a serpent, and told them they could eat off that tree… and they did it.  

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;” – Romans 3:23

Ever since they ate that fruit, we have been apart from God.  He is perfect and holy, and we are not.  Instead of wanting Him, we want things other than Him.  It might be an athletic success, money, fame or something else.  

At its root, sin hurts our relationship with God as well as other people.  So, we are separated from God.  

Q: Do you understand that God created you and loves you?

Q: How can you see sin and evil in the world around us?

Even though God loves us, we are apart from Him for all time because of sin.  But God provided a way to fix that.  Next time, we will look at what God did to save us with our only hope. 

(Pray and break the huddle)