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Reset 2

Hey guys!  Today, we will be reading more about Peter meeting Jesus, and we will see that when we are open to Jesus, He can help us to change.

Imagine you have a gift box in front of you.  It is wrapped in nice paper, it has a bow on it, and it is for you.  Now, imagine you start opening the box.  When you look inside, what do you see? (see if you can get everyone to share)

Those are some cool gifts!  (share your answer).  When the box is closed and wrapped, it is cool but it is not all that exciting, is it?  But when the box is open, it means a lot more to us.  As we look back to the Bible, we will see Peter learning to be open to Jesus.

BIBLE STORY: Jesus calls Peter—Luke 5:4-11

From last week, who can remember the first step in being reset?  Be still, right?  And who can remember the story we read about Peter the fisherman?  Jesus had asked Peter if He could use Peter’s boat to teach the crowd.  Peter had to be still and listen.  So, as we continue the story, listen closely to what happens.

(Read Scripture aloud)

Jesus told Peter to go back out and fish. Peter didn’t think anything was going to happen, but he was open to trying after being quiet before Jesus. Peter and his friends ended up catching so many fish they needed more boats! Peter didn’t catch any fish on his own, but he was open to trying again with Jesus on his side. 

After they caught all the fish, Peter knew that Jesus was special and that he changed his goal from catching fish to “fishing” for people with Jesus as one of His disciples. 


Q: Is there something in your life Jesus could help you with?  What is it? (ask if someone is willing to share)

Q: Are you open to letting God talk to you about that?  You don’t have to answer this but think about it.  If you need to talk to me or someone else about it while you’re here, just ask us.

(Pray and break the huddle)