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Hey guys!  Welcome back for week two.  Today we will learn that when we are still, we hear Jesus better.


Go around the circle, say your name and if you could have any superpower what would it be?

 Has anyone played the game Ninja before? The way it works is we will all stand in a circle and when I say ‘Go’ you must pick a pose and freeze. Then when it’s your turn your goal is to try to move your arm and hit the person’s arm next to you before they move it out of the way. If they hit your arm, you must put that arm behind your back, if both of your arms get hit you are out. The last person left is our winner. Okay. Ready. Set. Pick a pose!

Q: Have you ever felt exhausted while playing your sport?

Q: Do you ever feel like you need a break to be better?

When we played Ninja, how did we start this game? That’s right: you had to freeze and be still. It’s important to learn how to be still when you get overwhelmed in life and your sport. Right now, sit down and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and stay quiet. I want you to think about this saying, “With Christ you can be free.” 

This is called a reset. Even people in the Bible needed to pause and make some changes. Peter is a great example. 

BIBLE STORY: Jesus calls Peter—Luke 5:1–6 

(Read Scripture aloud)

There is more to this story we will read next week.

So, do you think you are to be quiet and still or loud and active while fishing? Show me how you should act. Correct. If you were loud and active, you would scare the fish, but when you are still, you have a better chance of catching one. 

In the story, we meet Simon Peter, one of Jesus’s future disciples, but he was just a fisherman at the time. We read that he and his friends fished all night and caught no fish. It didn’t sound like they were meeting their goal, did it? 

They were tired, exhausted and sad, and then Jesus showed up, asking to use their boat to preach to this crowd. Peter and his friends decide to stop and listen to Jesus. They choose to be still and take a break. 


Q: What is a goal you have? 

Q: What is something you are worried or fearful about?

It is okay if you feel scared about something.  God is faithful, which means He will do what He says all the time.  It is okay, like Peter, to be still and to listen to what God is trying to tell you.  Don’t be worried, trust in Him. Let’s pray and close.

(Prayer & Break the Huddle)