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Renew 3

“To take off your former way of life, the old self that is corrupted by deceitful desires, to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, the one created according to God’s likeness in righteousness and purity of the truth.”—Ephesians 4:22–24

Through the Holy Spirit, God gives you a new heart and purpose, but also new power to walk out that purpose with boldness, confidence and conviction. You can do anything God calls you to do, but you can’t do it alone! 

Power Up 

There are many different ways that athletes develop the physical power necessary to achieve their competitive goals, but all of them require things like research, planning, hard work and dedication.

Let’s go around the group and have some of you share the most effective ways that you have found to increase power as it pertains to your training and your sport.

Q: How does increased power help you in your sport?

Q: What makes it so difficult to increase your athletic power?

Many athletic goals require an increase in power and strength. That might require some external things such as a plan, a trainer, and proper equipment, as well as internal drive, willpower, and commitment.  

As Jesus was about to return to Heaven, the disciples also needed an increase in power and strength. They were unsure of how they would be able to fulfill the new purpose Jesus had just given them, but before He left, He promised that the help of the Holy Spirit was on the way (Acts 1:8). 

Less than two weeks later, the disciples were gathered in a place we now call “The Upper Room” where they were waiting and praying during a Jewish festival known as Pentecost. Found in Acts 2:1–13, an incredible miracle took place: 

“Suddenly a sound like that of a violent rushing wind came from heaven, and it filled the whole house where they were staying. They saw tongues like flames of fire that separated and rested on each one of them. Then they were all filled with the holy spirit and began to speak in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them.” —Acts 2:2–4 

The people outside represented many languages, but they could all understand what the disciples were saying. Peter then addressed the crowd with a bold, powerful message (Acts 2:14–41) that served as a testament to this new power from the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the disciples. 

You too have access to the Holy Spirit, but it’s up to you to receive and use that power for your new purpose and for God’s glory. 

Q: How can new power from the Holy Spirit help you live out your purpose?

“However, I have let you live for this purpose: to show you my power and to make my name known on the whole earth.” — Exodus 9:16 

God wants to show His power through His people.  This week, really think about that and ask yourself ‘Do I really trust and believe that?’

(Pray and break the huddle)