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Zone Crossing


Create two large circles about 8 yards in diameter. Circles should slightly overlap. Do so with either cones, t-shirts, or similar items. One defender will start in the center of each circle.

Line up two receivers on each side of the coach/quarterback.


Run a play where the receivers run patterns that move in and out of the zones. Defenders protect their zones by moving with players who enter their zone. Once receivers move out of their zone, they leave them and recenter as they locate the next receiver to enter. Pass the ball to an open receiver.

After a few practices of running this drill, remove the cones and have players defend without the visual boarders of their zone.


  • Move, move, move. Defenders should be active in their zones.
  • Emphasize locating oncoming receivers by using their eyes and turning their heads as they scan.
  • Move with good body control and technique.