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Wreck It Ralph

Objective: to dribble your ball to goal while protecting it from opponents.

Organization: In a 15Wx20L grid, with a cone goal in every corner &every player with a soccer ball. All but 2 players are trying to dribble their soccer ball into as many goals as possible. 2 players do not try to score but try to WRECK the goal scorer’s points. If a Wreck It Ralph hits a goal scorer’s ball with their own, they demolish all the points and the goal scorer has to start scoring over again.

Rules: Play begins when coach says, “GO”. Score by dribbling your ball through any of the 4 goals.

Key Words: Go forward, dribble to goal, protect your ball

Guided Question: What do you do to protect your ball? Where do you have to point your toe if you want your laces to kick the ball?

Answers: Put your body in the way to block it from the opponents (hide it/shielding). Point your toe to the ground and push the ball in front with your laces