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Set up: Coach at the top of the key with a ball. A line forms on the wing with the first player in line playing defense and the second player playing offense.

Movement: Offensive player will begin to jog/walk down towards the block while trying to get into the defender’s chest. Defender is trying to stay with offensive player while maintaining deny positioning. Once Offensive player gets near the block the will perform a swim move across the chest and highest arm of defender. Immediately following swim move offensive player will turn and seal defender on their back and then sprint back to the wing position. Defender is trying to prevent this from happening. If player successful seals defender and pops open Coach will throw entry pass to the wing and player play 1 on 1 until either offensive player scores or defender gets a stop.

Key Focus Points: take the defender away, step across defender’s face/chest, turn and seal, sprint back out to open spot. Don’t use hands to push off. Don’t dance – should be quick change of speed and angles.