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Up and Under Jump Hook

Set up: One Post Player works at a time from the block. Or you can form a line and have the player rotate after each rep. Coach will make entry pass to each player. 

Movement: Jump Hook – Player will post up just about the block with their back to basket. Upon entry pass by coach post player will first chin the ball (two hands on the ball holding ball under their chin where it’s protected). Then player will drop their high foot into the middle of the paint and pivot until they are chest to the opposite sideline and feet are square, roughly shoulder width apart. A two handed power dribble needs to occur while initial drop step is taking place and before the back foot comes off the floor and moves towards squared position.  One Player is chest square to opposite sideline and feet squared they will begin the upward motion of the shot. Ball should start from roughly shoulder height and as player is reaching the apex of their jump they will turn their shoulders, body, and follow through as they are releasing the ball. Player should finish squared to the rim.  

Up and Under – Initial set up and movement are the same as above. Once player has moved to chest and feet squared position they will then pump fake instead of elevating for the jump hook. After pump fake they will pivot on low foot. Pivot direction should be the same as the low foot. I.e. if right foot is low then I am pivoting towards my right shoulder. Player needs to pivot until they are just past squared with the rim. One pivot is complete player will now elevate off their low foot to shoot the layup.  

Key Focus Points: Proper footwork, pump fakes, and pivots. On jump hook be sure players are only beginning to turn towards rim once they are reaching the apex of their jump.