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Under Center Snaps


Players will pair up and line up one in front of the other, both facing the same way. The player in front will be the center and have a football. The center will take a good three- point stance with the hand on the football.


Center begins in a two-point stance (feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, elbows resting on knees, head up.)

Reach throwing hand out to the football. Grip the football with the first knuckle of the thumb placed in between the white line and the first lace. The palm of the hand would then rest on the outside of the ball, with the four fingers spread across the back. Lift head before snapping the ball.

The quarterback should reach hands under center without touching the centers body.

As the ball is snapped, turn hand inward so the ball is delivered sideways to the quarterback.

Release the ball & be ready to either block or run a pass route.

Players should stay the same position (center and quarterback) for 5 snaps in a row prior to switching.


  • Centers should hand the ball back (snap) in one motion.
  • There should be a seamless handoff from center to quarterback.