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Triple Threat Position

Set up: Players spread out in front of coach without a ball.  This drill will be on air.   

Movement: Players will begin by standing up straight as they’re spread out in front of coach.  When a coach calls, “Ball”, players will jump in place.  When they land, they should do so in the triple threat position.  Pretending they each have a ball in their hand, a triple threat position should include the following:

  • Ball positioned between the shoulder and knee with the elbow behind the ball.
  • Off hand (non dominant) should hold the ball in place on the side of the ball both securing it in position and ready to assist in a pass.
  • Good athletic stance with knees bent, back straight and eyes up.

On the command, “Shoot”, players bring the ball up in shooting position as they move their back foot forward.  They hold this until coach commands, “Ball”, where they will move back to triple threat position.

On the command, “Pass”, players step forward with off foot and make a passing motion.

On the command, “Dribble”, players take a dribbling action while taking two steps forward before moving back to the triple threat position.

Add a ball as players become more comfortable with this sequence.

Key Focus Points: Great triple threat positions.  Transitions from that position to each of the offensive options.