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Throw On The Jog


Players will pair up and line-up 6 to 10 yards (depending on age) from each other. All players should be facing the same direction, ready to move across the field for about 20 yards. One player will begin with the football.


When ready, the first pair will begin to jog together across the field while maintaining their distance.

The player with the football, will pass to his partner.

If a players throwing arm in nearest to his partner, the passer will need to open his chest by turning his shoulders so the far shoulder points towards the receiver as the throwing motion begins. Remember, to always be jogging.

Quarterback and receiver positions will switch after each pass.

Once they reach the end of the 20-yards, they will wait for the rest to finish, then do the same drill working back down the field.

Repeat drill several rounds.


  • Quarterbacks need to open their torso when passing on the move.
  • Practice good throwing mechanics when throwing on the move.