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The Gauntlet


Three defenders will line up in a 10-yard alley, with five yards between them. Cones should be set up every 5 yards for 20 yards. Another line of cones will mirror that line 10 yards apart. These lines will be used position defenders and designate sidelines the offensive ball carrier will need to stay in.


The ball carrier will run through the alley, attempting to get past the defenders, one at a time, until the end line. Defenders have to stay on their line and not chase the ball carrier once passed. This will help players develop open-field techniques on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Be sure players rotate and play all positions. Ball carrier should continue to work up the lane past defenders even if his flag is pulled.


  • Defenders need to move laterally to stop ball carrier from running past them. Step in front of the ball carrier, get big, and pull flag.