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Technical Shooting

The Session:

  • Area 20x20yds with goal at one end, set out as illustrated.
  • 8 players (incl. GK), with outfield players arranged in2’s who are active as Attackers or Defenders, plus 3 Servers.
  • Supply of balls, with 3 Servers.
  • Practice starts with 2 Attackers working in grid as a pair, receiving ball fed-in from any side.
  • A’s combine; one A shoots, partner rebounds.
  • D’s operate as they would in a game.
  • Server & shooter change places, to continue practice.


  • Area can be modified, depending on age & ability of players.
  • Awareness of positions & movement of all players involved in practice whilst moving to receive ball.
  • Feints to shoot at goal & supply teammates with possession.
  • Combination skills to produce scoring opportunities.
  • Assessing GK’s position & how to score.
  • Excellence in the strike of ball once the decision has been made how to beat GK.

Key Points:

  • Movement to receive ball in a half-turned position.
  • First touch of ball sets up opportunity to strike at goal or is the strike at goal.
  • Assess position of support player & GK.
  • Rebound any strike at goal from support players strike or own.
  • Possible ‘combinations’ between forward players
  • Rebound all shots at goal.
  • D’s play man-to-man, or mark-and-cover