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Talking on Defense

Set up: 4 Players stand on the perimeter (one in each corner, and one on each wing).  4 defensive players line up on the endline where the paint stops

Movement: On the coaches signal the defensive players will close out and play 4 vs. 4 basketball against the offense. Drill will start with no movement by the offense, but just passing of the ball around the perimeter in order to ensure defensive players are jumping to correct defensive positions on the ball, in deny, in the gaps, or in the paint while also talking their positions loudly to their teammates. Example: “Ball, Ball, Ball!!! I got help, I got help!!, “I’m in the gap!”, “I’m in deny!!” Once coach feels as those players are moving quick enough and talking enough the next progression is Pass and Cut by the offense. Players on offense will make a pass and then a basket cut. After the basket cut the next closet player without the ball on offense takes the spot vacated by teammate and the cutting teammate takes the new empty spot. At all times there should be an offensive player in all four perimeter spots. The final progression is 4 vs. 4 offense vs defense live with the offense trying to score and the defense trying to get stops.

Key Focus Points: Being as loud as possible on defense, talking often, keeping sight on ball and man. When players cut to the basket ensure defenders are not back peddling towards the baseline, and that players are stopping in their help side positions when offensive players moves back out to the perimeter.