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Stationary Block


Place 2 cones about 5 to 7 yards apart. Place another five cones side by side at 6, 8, 10, 12, & 14 yards from starting point. These cones represent the lanes the players will run through. Players will be in two lines, one offensive and one defensive.


When coach give the command, the offensive player will place hands on the defender as if to block him. The defensive player will move to the left and right at half speed. The offensive player must keep his feel moving to stay in front of the moving defender.

Start with defensive players going half speed. Then work to faster speeds. Let the players know this drill is for the offense to practice blocking.

Repeat this drill several times, then switch.


  • Block with your elbows bent. Extending arms is illegal.
  • As a blocker you have to keep your feet moving! “If you move your feet, you cant be beat!”