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Star Drill 

Set Up:  

Players will divide up evenly around the 4 bases with gloves. 

Give the ball to the home plate line to start the drill. 


On the whistle, the player at 1st base will run towards the pitcher’s mound, the player at home will throw the ball to the moving player from 1st…then run to 1st base to get in the line at 1st base.  The player from 1st will continue towards 3rd base and throw as a moving player…then run to get in line at 3rd base.  The player at 3rd will simulate a tag and throw the ball to the player at 2nd base…then run to get in line at 2nd base. The player at 2nd will run towards 1st base then stop and throw the ball to home plate…then run to get in line at 1st base.  Repeat the drill until each player has moved through the bases.  

Key Focus Points:  

This drill helps players learn to throw on the run and prepares them for the fast pace of the game. Repetition is important.