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Stair Routes


Set up a series of cones in a stair-step pattern. All cones should be 5 yards from the previous cone. Players will be in a single file line at the first cone. A coach/ quarterback will be passing the ball during the drill.


One at a time, the first player in line will run a 5-yd in route where he will catch the pass. After catching the ball, he will drop it as he turns on the next cone to run the 5-yd in route again. This pattern will continue through three catches.

After the player completes the drill, he should shag the balls during the next players drill before going back into the line.


  • Players should run crisp routes, exploding out of breaks.
  • Keep body control and don’t round the breaks.
  • Turn head quickly to locate the ball.
  • Catch with hands away from body.