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Soccer Combat

Objective: to dribble your ball toward a target & strike your ball to goal

Organization: In a 15Wx20L grid, a cone goal in every corner, the coach starts at the center of a side line with all the soccer balls. Divide the group into 2 teams; one team on the coach’s right & one on the left. Once the coach plays a ball onto the field, a player from each team goes after the ball and tries to score by striking the ball into any of the 4 goals.

Rules: Play starts when the coach passes a ball onto the field. Coach can make the game 1v1, 2v1 or 2v2 by telling the teams prior to kicking a ball onto the field. Team’s get 1,000 points if they can score a goal. Once a goal is score or if the ball goes out of play, game over and coach serves a new ball out for the next player(s) to play.

Key Words: Find the open goal, go fast towards it

Guided Question: What can you do to trick the opponent? When would you use the bottom of your foot?

Answer: Pretend to go to one goal then change direction to go to the other. Use the bottom of your foot to stop the ball or to change directions (pull back).