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Single Arm Pounds 1 – Waist High, Knee High

Set Up: Players will need a basketball in hand for this individual drill.  Players without a basketball should line up behind those players with a basketball.  Coach should be in front monitoring this drill.

Movement: Players will slam the ball down as a forcible dribble. This pounding motion will help players learn how to control the ball as it slams down and back up into their hands.  Start so the ball is controlled at the waist, then move down lower to the knee.  Each player should work each hand at each height for ten seconds before passing to the next player.     

Key Focus Point: Pounding the ball down to the floor with power.  Controlling the ball with dribbling hand as it fires back up from the floor.  Finding a rhythm.  Good dribbling stance with knees bent and feet spread shoulder width apart.