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Shotgun Snaps


Setup two cones 2-3 yards apart. These cones will indicate two lines where players will line up on. Players will pair up at each line. One will have a football.


Center begins in a two-point stance (feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, elbows resting on knees, head up).

Reach throwing hand out to the football. Grip the football with the first knuckle of the thumb placed in between the white line and the first lace. The palm of the hand would then rest on the outside of the ball, with the four fingers spread across the back. Lift head before snapping the football.

On the snap, flick wrist as the ball leaves the hand.


  • The ball should be snapped at the chest of the quarterback.
  • The ball should travel back at a good pace on a line, not an arch.