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Short and Side Toss

Set Up:  

Players will equally divide in lines at short stop position and 2nd base.  

Coaches will roll a ball to the player at the short stop position and then evaluate. 


Players at the short stop position will field a ball from the coach then turn at the waist while tossing the ball to 2nd base while keeping their wrist locked.  Players at 2nd base will run to the base when the ball is rolled and receive the ball while keeping their foot on the side of the bag, and then place the ball in the empty bucket. Each player will rotate positions after each time.  

After several reps, change direction of drill and roll ball to 2nd base players.  They will field and toss the ball (keeping wrist locked) to 2nd base that’s being covered by the short stop.   

Key Focus Points:  

Ensure players push the ball towards the target while keeping their wrist locked.  This helps keep the ball from being flipped over the receiver’s head.