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Shoot, Pass or Dribble Forward

Objective: to pass or dribble past an opponent then score goals

Organization: On your (25Wx35L) game field, set up two 17Wx25L fields with a small goal at each end. When practice is scheduled to start & as soon as 2 players arrive, start playing a game. The game will start as 1v1. As players arrive, the game becomes 2v1 then 2v2 up to 3v3. Once one field is at 3v3, start a second game on the field next to it.

Key Words: go to goal, score goals

Guided Questions:

  1. If you see an opening in front of you, where should you go?
  2. When should you pass instead of dribble?


  1. Play forward to goal whenever possible.
  2. If all the openings in front of you are closed, quickly pass to a
    teammate to see if they can find an opening forward.