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Rolling Stick-it (Back Hand)

Set Up: 

Players should pair up and face each other (approx 10 feet apart). 

Coaches should stand to the side and evaluate 


Receivers should start with feet turned in the running position on glove backhand side, bending knees at the waist with glove on the ground and throwing hand behind the back. Partners will roll the ball to receivers on the backhand side. Receivers will keep glove wrist locked in the straight down position and move glove forward through the ball. Keep head down and watch the ball into the glove. (Gloves should start the drill touching the ground.) 

When ready, advance the drill by having partners throw a “short-hop” towards the receiver’s glove. 

Key Focus Points:  

Ensure players blade to the backhand side, bend the knees while keeping a flat back. The glove should be out in front of the lead foot and the wrist should be locked. Move the glove forward & through the ball.