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Rip and Finish

Set up: One Player with a ball standing in front of the rim for regular Mican or underneath the backboard for reverse Mican. 

Movement: No dribbles, player will take a step with their left foot toward the right side of the goal and shoot a layup jumping off of the left foot. They will then catch the ball as it comes through the next and keep it above should height. As they are catching the ball they will also take a step to the other side of the rim using the right foot. After a successful catch and step they finish with a left handed layup on the left side of the rim. Player will continue stepping, catching, and finishing back and forth while only taking one step between each layup and shooting with the correct hand and jumping off the correct foot. Drill continues for designated time or rep count. (example: 30 seconds at a time, or make 10) 

Reverse Mican is the same footwork, catch, and finish except players begin under the basket facing towards half court.   

Key Focus Points: Good hands to catch and finish, proper footwork, working on finishing touch around the basket.