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Rip and One Dribble Pullups

Set up: One line of players on the right wing with balls and one line on the left wing for rebounding, or reversed to work on jump shots on the left side of the basket. 

Movement: Players with ball will begin in triple threat with the ball on one side of their bodies. They will then step with the foot that is diagonal the ball and use a swinging motion with their arms to move the ball below their knees from one side of their body to the other while taking the step. The Step and swinging motion should occur at the same time and start the process of gathering for a jump shot. The dribble should occur after the swing and step and completed but before the foot is lifted off the ground. Players get one dribble used with the rip move to create some space to shoot their jump shots. Secondary player line is used for rebounding. 

Key Focus Points: Cover ground with one dribble, proper footwork into shot (moving to the left the footwork should be right then left, moving right the footwork should be left right). Fast and low rip full speed.