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Retreat Dribble with Crossover

Set up: Players will form two or three lines on the Endline (Baseline) with balls in their hands. Lines should be as even as possible. If you only have a few basketballs players will go down the court and back with the movement and give the ball to the next teammate in their line.

Movement: Players will begin dribbling down the court in a zig-zag pattern. The Change of direction should occur at each the free throw line, half court, and opposite free throw line. Once players have dribbled towards the designated line they will then turn sideways, put their none dribbling hand up with a 90degree bend in their elbow (chicken wing) to protect their dribble, and then take two retreat dribbles. The retreat dribbles are backwards away from the original direction down the floor. After two retreat dribbles, players will drop their chicken wing, and their lead foot, then perform a cross over. Ball will now stay in this hand will players dribble to the next designated spot.

Key Focus Points: Change speed and change direction while moving the ball down the floor, protecting your dribble and creating space with the retreat dribble.