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Red Light, Green Light

Objective: to dribble and change directions toward the goal (coach)

Organization: In a 15Wx20L grid, a small cone goal in each corner & all players with a soccer ball dribbling within the space. The coach(es) walk around the space. When the coach says “red light”, the players must stop their ball. If the coach says “green light”, the players must dribble again. If a player cannot stop their ball on red light, they must dribble through any goal then start playing again. Coach controls the frequency of the lights to allow the players’ time to respond. Variations: Yellow Light-dribble slow, Blue Light-5 toe taps on the ball. Purple Light-hop on 1 foot around the ball. Rules: On Green Light, the players are trying to dribble toward the coach. Once the coach is tagged, start a new game.

Key Words: Laces, Outside (of the foot), Inside (of the foot), Bottom (of the foot)

Guided Questions: Which part of your foot can you stop the ball with? What part of the foot will help you go faster?

Answers: Get close to the ball and softly touch it with the bottom of the foot to stop.

Use your laces to push the ball forward and to faster.