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Rainbow Shooting – Elbow Shots

Set up: Two lines with players lining up on the baseline.  A ball should be with the second player in Line 1 and the first player in Line 2.   

Movement: On whistle, first player in Line 1 will run toward the opposite elbow of the lane and receive a pass from the first player in Line 2. Player will receive pass and take a shot at the basket.  Meanwhile, after Line 2 player passed the ball to the shooter, he will cut behind the shooter to the opposite elbow and receive the pass from the player with the ball in Line 1.  This process will continue back and forth.  Shooters get their own rebound and then pass it back to the line they received the ball from.   

Key Focus Points: Proper footwork.  Passes timed so shooter keeps rhythm.  Shooting on the move.