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Play On Arrival

Players should immediately begin scrimmaging upon arrival.

Start with 1 v1 when the first two players arrive and move to 3v3 or 4 v4 as players join in.

Start second field after the 7th player arrives.

Adjust the size of the fields as needed. Larger fields make the attacking teams job easier.

5 minutes of play after all (most) players have arrived.

Pause play to welcome everyone and ask the 1 key question for the day. (i.e.- simple 4v4- How can we advance the ball? more complex 9v9- How can we find space to advance the ball out of our own half when we are under heavy pressure?) Do not answer the question for them yet.

5 additional minutes of play to try to find answers to the question.

Pause play and ask them for answers to your question.