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Pivots to Pass

Setup: Players stand pair up and stand across from each other while facing each other.  One side of the line will have a ball.  Use as many pairs as you have basketballs.

Movement: Players will begin just a few feet away from each other as they work on pivoting and passing.  Players with the ball will begin with their back turned from the player they’re passing to.  They will begin dribbling in place.  On whistle, they will pick up their dribble, pivot to face their partner, then pass.  Start with Chest pass then incorporate bounce pass.    

You can advance the drill by having pairs starting together.  On whistle, one player dribbles the ball away from their partner to a cone a few feet away, then stop dribble, pivot, and pass. 

Key Focus Points: Picking up dribble and pivoting on one foot cleanly.  Focus on using both the right foot, then the left foot as the pivot.  Be sure they keep the pivot foot on the ground without dragging it on the floor.