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Pickle Drill

Set Up: 

Players will divide evenly at the 3rd base and home plate positions with gloves.  

Coaches will stand to the side to evaluate and begin the drill by throwing a ball to the first player in line at the 3rd base position.  


Upon receiving the ball from coach, the 3rd base player will run towards home with the ball in their throwing hand, while ensuring they are inside the base line. The coach will blow the whistle when they are ready for the ball to be thrown and the player will continue to run in the direction they are facing to get in the next line. The player receiving the ball will repeat the run in the base line and throw at the next whistle. Repeat until the coach gives a double whistle to simulate a tag at which time the player will put the ball inside the glove and simulate a tag of the runner.  

Key Focus Points:  

Players should not move away from their bag unless they have the ball. While chasing the runner, stay inside the base line with the ball out of your glove. Throws should be made by bending the elbow like throwing a dart.