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Passing The Football

The steps below will provide the foundation to becoming a good passer.

  • Gripping the football correctly improves the throwing mechanics in balance of the ball. An appropriate grip varies from one person to another. Size of hands and length of fingers always influence placement of the hand. There’s no one right way to grip the football. Provide enough control and pressure on the surface of the ball, hold the top half with 123 fingers spread across the laces. Practice different grips define which one works best for you.
  • Turn sideways, with your non-throwing shoulder pointing towards the target.
  • Pull throwing arm back to an l position, with football up by the ear.
  • Step toward the target with the front foot as you release the ball.
  • Follow through target, with the thumb pointing to the ground and palm facing out.
  • To get the most control, speed, and distance on the ball, throw a spiral. A spiral is also easier for the receiver to catch. Proper release of the football will result in a spiral. The index finger should be the last finger to leave the football.