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Pass, Pass, Score Layups

Setup: Players are split into two lines above the 3-point arch on the left (A) and right (B) side.  One side of the line (A) should start with a basketball.

Movement: A player from the line without the ball (B) will begin by running inside the 3-point line, a player from the line with the ball (A) will then pass them the ball and sprint toward the basket.  Player (B) will receive the pass and pass it back to the cutting player (A) who will receive it and shoot a layup. 

This drill will continue through several times with players changing lines after each rep.  Then, stop drill and switch the ball to the other line to work on the other side of the basket.

Key Focus Points: Clean passes and catches.  Making strong cuts to the basket.  When making basket cuts, players should slightly bend their path to allow a better angle for a layup.  Passing players should deliver a strong pass a few steps before reaching the basket.