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Pair Bandits

Organization: In a 20Wx30L yard grid, a 6Wx3L yard box goal on each end line, all players in pairs.

Select 1 pair to be the bandits. Each pair needs 1 ball to share except for the bandits. The pairs with a ball will try to dribble & pass to either goal & pass to their teammate within the goal. After scoring in one end, play to the other. How many goals can you score in 2 minutes? The mission of the bandits is to steal the ball from the passing pairs & bring it to one of the two hideouts (goals). The passing pairs can take the ball back from the bandits before they get it all the way to the hideout. If the bandits get the ball into the hideout, the pair lose all their points and have to start counting over again. Rotate bandits after each interval. Rules: bandits cannot defend
inside of the goal.

Key Words: Look up, find an opening, play through it

Guided Questions: Where should you go if a defender is closing your opening? What are some ways you can play the ball through an opening?

Answers: See if teammate can move to create a new opening. You can dribble through or pass through.

Notes: Variation-if bandits steal a ball and get it to a hideout, they can now begin scoring goals. The
team that lost the ball must now steal another ball in order to start scoring again.