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Open Field Flag Pull


Create a 4-cone box with each cone being 5 to 7 yards apart. Players will be in two lines, one offensive and one defensive. The first player in the offensive line will have a football.


On the coach’s command, both players will sprint around the first cone and meet in the box. The offensive player attempts to get past the defender as he tries to pull a flag. Players should switch lines after their rep.



  • Move quickly to the ball carrier and break down when closing the gap.
  • If tackling head up, get big with arms out as you stay in front of the ball carrier to pull his flag.
  • Focus on the ball carriers belly so you don’t get juked.
  • Keep feet “buzzing” (moving).


  • Use different speeds to create an opportunity to either run past defender or cut-back to pass the defender.
  • Use jukes, stutter steps, and spins when appropriate.