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One Handed Bounce Pass on the Move

Set up: Players form two lines. One line in the corner near the side line, and the other near the paint line. Balls will all start in the outside line.

Movement: Players from each line will move down the floor in a straight line. Give players about 10’ before the next set of players goes. As players dribble down the floor they will take turns dribbling and then throwing a one handed bounce pass on the move to their teammate in the other line. Inside line should be throwing passes with the left hand while the outside is throwing with their right hand. Passes should occur every few steps and dribbles by a player all the way down the floor.

Key Focus Points: Dribbling with pace down the floor (minimum of a jog). Get low when they begin to throw pass, turn hips towards the pass direction, and bounce ball roughly 75% of the distance between players so receiving player can receive pass near waist height.