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One Arm Swings – Side to Side/Front & Back

Set Up: Players will need a basketball in hand for this individual drill.  Players without a basketball should line up behind those players with a basketball.  Coach should be in front monitoring this drill.

Movement: Players dribble the ball with one hand forward and back, then, side to side.  This will be done with each hand. 

From the right side of their body, players use only their right hand to dribble the ball forward, then back while standing in one place.  After 10 dribbles, move to the front of their body and dribble side to side with their right hand only.  Repeat side and front with their left hand.    

Key Focus Point: Controlling the ball with one hand as it changes direction from forward/back and side/side.  The ball should hit the floor at the center point of the range.  Work on flipping the hand position from one angle to the other.