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Long and Short Shooting

Set up: One player in the corner with a ball, one player on the block with a ball. 5 cones are placed at each of the corner, block, wing, elbow, and top of the key on the same side of the floor. Cones are the shooting spots.  

Movement: Player B will pass the ball to Player A who shoots the corner three. After shot Player A will sprint to the opposite endline while Player B rebounds. Players A sprints back after touching the Endline until the get to the block where Player B will throw them the next pass for a shot. Player A will continue to sprint the length of the floor and coming back while shooting all 5 shots. Player B will get all rebounds and make all passes. Order of shots are Corner, Block, Wing, Elbow, and Top of the Key. After all five shots Player A and B switch places. Drill can be repeated on both sides of the basket.  

Key Focus Points: Conditioning, Full Speed Shooting, Identifying Proper Range to shoot within full speed movement. Passing to shooters in rhythm.